TFT-E is a tool free termination, elastomeric medium voltage terminations for 15kV, 25kV and 35kV single core polymeric cables.
TFT-E elastomeric medium voltage cable terminations are designed with a cold applied system.
This termination features an advanced stress control system using metal oxide matrix technology providing superior electrical performance.
The TFT-E system has an elastomeric housing with integral sheds that is formulated for long-term performance in typical extreme termination environments. The housing comes on a pre-lubricated, crush resistant, holdout for simple installation. The superior elastomeric housing, together
with the positively positioned stress control system and moisture sealing mastic, provide reliable and consistent installations.

· Non-tracking, erosion resistant elastomeric body
· Outstanding UV stability
· Metal oxide matrix electrical stress control patch
· Crush resistant core (holdout)
· Simple, straight forward instructions
· Self amalgamating mastic sealing strips
· Compact design
· Range taking
· Designed and tested to IEEE 48-1996

· Maintenance free, long life even in highly contaminated areas
· Material does not degrade in outdoor applications
· Provides excellent electrical performance and prevents misplacement of stress control system
· Prevents collapsing due to rough handling
· Quick and easy installation
· Seals out all moisture and contamination
· Provides easier installation in confined spaces
· Fewer kits to accommodate a wider range of cable sizes
· Terminations meet or exceed industry standard